Our team includes dedicated and passion-filled professionals, all committed to supporting those living with Alzheimer’s and related disorders, their families, and their caregivers.

Michelle LeForce, Nurse/Dementia Care Specialist

Barb Hicks, Nurse

Kenneth Wiggins, Dementia Care Specialist

Janis Flournoy, Dementia Care Specialist

Rosie Olejownik, Dementia Care Specialist

Emma Schlageter, Dementia Care Specialist

Anastasia Smith, Dementia Care Specialist


Alex Catchings, Chair

Jo Ellen Apgar, Board Member

J. Craig Griffis, Vice Chair

Bill Berry, Board Member

Eric M. Golus, Treasurer

Anthony Thomas, Board Member

Phil Walton, Secretary

Tim Walsh, Board Member

Michael M. Malone, Immediate Past Chair

Diana Waugh, Board Member

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